How to Measure a Kitchen

If you’re looking to replace your kitchen it all starts with a plan.

To this end we have put together this helpful 7 point plan so you can send us some easy to obtain measurements.

Download our graph paper and print off

1. Begin by drawing a simple plan view outline of your room. Draw a squiggle through any walls you plan to remove.

2. Note location and widths of doors and windows.

3. Label each wall, door, window and any other potential obstacles with a number. Keep a list next to the plan as a key to your design.

4. Measure any existing appliances you intend to keep. What size sink / base unit will you require.

5. Draw on where you want your new units and appliances. Be sure to add these elements to your key.

6. Note the position of your boiler, external extractor, stopcock and any RSJ’s. Add these items to your key.

7. The final step is to take a picture of your plan and email it to us through our website quote request form. We will then be in touch to obtain a little further information from you with the aim of putting together a quotation or arranging an on site survey.