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Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 Cover Photo

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

See the latest kitchen design trends for 2017

Make the most of your new kitchen design by implementing some latest ideas from the kitchen industry. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your new kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 Cover Photo

1. Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops in vogue and have been for a while now. They tend to add at least £2,000 to any kitchen budget depending on how large your kitchen is of course. I have seen clients spending upwards of £10,000 in very large kitchen projects. However, if your budget is restricted there are now viable alternatives on the market that can save you hundreds of pounds, if not thousands, and you can still achieve the high quality Quartz finish.

Let me introduce you to the latest collection from Artis Surfaces. The Maxtop collection provides the stunning ambience of a quartz finish yet you can save as much as 30% when compared to the real thing. As I am an official distributor for Artis, please contact me for a brochure.

2. The industrial look

The industrial look has always been around, it’s never been as popular as handle-less or painted wood kitchens, but it appeals to some people and can certainly look great in the right environment.


Some people are even using simple elements of the industrial look to enhance even the most modern of kitchen designs.

I recently completed a beautiful painted kitchen for a client in Redhill, Surrey and was amazed at their use of scaffold boards for shelving and innovative pole lighting which gave their kitchen an industrial twist. I can see more of this type of design happening this year.

Click here to view the full case study

3. Handle-less units

Handles-less units have never gone away since they first appeared on the market. Nowadays we even see handle-less curved units using some highly imaginative design. We can now even supply handle-less channels in Black, Brushed copper & Bronze in addition to Brushed Aluminium as shown in the picture below.

Kitchen with Copper accents

I personally have designed hundreds of handle-less kitchens using either a “J-Pull” or aluminium “True Handles-Less” system. Take a look at my Pin Board on Pinterest to see just how individual the handle-less kitchen can look.

4. Clutter-free worktops

Last year (2016) I was increasingly asked by clients to come up with ideas to save on space and hideaway clutter, a trend I don’t see dissipating in 2017.

Tambour Kitchen Unit

Whether you like the minimalist look or simply want to maximise your worktop space, there are a number of clever ways to save space in a kitchen.

All of the following ideas can be used on their own or in combination to help you achieve your space saving goals.

I. Integrated Microwaves
Much like an integrated oven saves space, as well as the convenience it affords by being carefully positioned at eye level, an integrated Microwave is an excellent way of freeing up that much needed worktop space.

II. Pull Down Tambour Unit
Tambour units are common features in kitchens and are great way to hide away anything that you don’t want to be visible. Featuring a flexible sliding door Tambour units can be kitted out with shelves and are a neat way to hide unsightly plug sockets.

III. Hidden Plug Sockets
Hidden plug sockets or “pop-up” plug units are another ingenious way of having more of something you need but showing less of it on your walls. Most of these systems now come with USB charge points too.

IIII. Kitchen Corner Storage Units & Deep Drawers
Every kitchen I design will end up featuring at least one of these options. Not only do they both increase storage but they both allow for ease of access to the things we all use on a daily basis. In this kitchen we have increased storage space by nearly 30%, in what is a compact kitchen, by adding extra wide drawers and 90cm tall kitchen wall units.

Gloss Kitchen Showing Deep Drawers
Increased storage by nearly 30%

Shaker Kitchen Case Study
Open plan & still more storage

5. Unique Cabinet Sizes

One of the main reasons why my clients buy a kitchen from me is because I can improve upon designs from the major high street names. I am able do this because we manufacture kitchen cabinets in truly unique sizes, thus improving storage space and at the same time enhancing the overall kitchen layout.

Blum Space Tower

I don’t see this changing in 2017 and in fact as consumers become more aware of what is possible in modern kitchen design I actually now get clients coming to me asking for this.

Take a look at this case study where the entire kitchen has been transformed and enhanced by the use of special height “made to order” midi kitchen wall units.

6. Modern painted cabinets

Over the last couple of years there has been a huge improvement in the technology in painted kitchens. Gone are the days when painted kitchen cabinets would mark easily or fade or indeed flake. I have now designed and installed dozens of kitchens in either a smooth or woodgrain finish and I predict that this year will be the same.

Painted Woodgrain Finish in Smoke Blue

Take a look at the following painted kitchen case studies..

Painted kitchen in Farrow & Ball special order colour.

A slab door kitchen with a woodgrain finish in special order Smoke Blue.

A solid Oak kitchen in Farrow & Ball special order blue finish.

7. Copper accents

Every year we seem to find a new colour that makes a breakthrough in to the world of kitchen design and this year is no different with Copper to set to take centre stage. I am already seeing some manufacturers offering copper handle finishes as alternatives to stainless steel as well as Copper handle-less channels. But it’s not just kitchen furniture receiving a copper overhaul, we are already starting to see more Copper colours in kitchen accessories and appliances.

Take a look at the “Copper” gallery below for inspiration.

8. More technology

Integrated Bluetooth – Our homes are rapidly becoming “smarter” with all types of technology enhancing our daily lives. With the kitchen being at the centre of every home we are starting to see new products enter the market that promise to make our kitchens adapt to our modern lifestyles.


It is now possible to integrate speakers with Bluetooth functionality, colour changing LED lights and even full LED display splashbacks. I have already installed pop-up sockets and standard wall sockets with built in USB ports for charging all types of devices.

Pop-up Sockets built in to island unit

9. Slideaway door ovens

Appliance manufacturers Neff have developed an oven with a slideaway door feature. You can also now purchase a pyro self-cleaning oven which also features a sliding door.

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